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Welcome to our global community! We are an innovative platform dedicated to transforming the way Freelancers and Project Owners collaborate.

We believe in the power of shared success and strive to create a conducive environment for seamless project collaborations.

Our mission is to provide the most efficient and user-friendly platform for the modern freelance economy. We are continually refining our services, paving the way for the future of work.


SkillsHiveX was born from a gap in the market: businesses of all sizes needed access to a flexible resourcing model that could grow with them without increasing fixed costs. This vision turned into reality when Mike Orchard founded Skills-Hive, a platform that facilitated dynamic resource allocation, leveraging a network of freelance talent to recruit pop-up teams in days rather than weeks.

With Mike's two decades of experience, he understood the changing tides of work dynamics. He recognized that the future was moving towards a decentralized model, where peer-to-peer networks would become crucial for project delivery...

Fast Forward

Fast forward to 2023, we've refined the original vision to meet the evolving demands of the freelance economy. The result is SkillsHiveX: a step-change platform that specifically focuses on the connection between Freelancers and Project Owners as peers. This strategic shift allows SkillsHiveX to offer a streamlined, efficient, and direct collaboration platform for value creators.

SkillsHiveX combines the pioneering principles of the tried and tested Skills-Hive vision with advanced technology, making for a robust platform where freelancers and project owners can find each other, collaborate effectively, and share in the success of their projects.

We envision a future where SkillsHiveX is the universal platform for freelance project collaboration. We invite you to join us on this journey and discover the possibilities that SkillsHiveX can bring to your work life.

Welcome to SkillsHiveX, designed for the future of our economy, built on a foundation of shared success.

  • Mike Orchard

    Mike Orchard


    London, UK

  • Warren Paull

    Warren Paull


    Malaga, Spain

  • Bhairav Patel

    Bhairav Patel


    Split, Croatia

  • Ami Bening

    Ami Bening


    Warwick, UK

  • Matt Housden

    Matt Housden


    London, UK

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